Opinion Pieces

Opinion Pieces

Opinion pieces are articles of broad interest written by staff at the University of Wollongong. The opinions expressed in these articles are that of the authors and do not necessarily represent the view of the University. For more enquires about publishing these articles, contact media@uow.edu.au



Clive Palmer
Associate Professor Gregory Melleuish
The power of the few over the many

Sydney siege newspapers 2
Julie Posetti
Q&A: how the Sydney siege was reported by the public and news professionals

SBRC Building
Daniel Daly and Professor Paul Cooper
Green building scheme review adds yet more policy uncertainty

Sharon Robinson
The ozone hole leaves a lasting impression on southern climate

Pollution oped
Louise D'Arcens
So hot right now: the Middle Ages in the climate change debate

Unemployment March
Professor Simon Ville
Economics hijackers could do with a history lesson

A/Professor Marett Leiboff
Lawyers look at the Elgin Marbles, but stars keep them firmly in sight

A/Professor Louise D'Arcens
'Medieval' makes a comeback in modern politics. What's going on?

A/Professor Gregory Melleuish
To restore federalism, strengthen the states and make Australia more republican

Asbestos oped
Lee Moerman
Why the James Hardie Asbestos victim compensation fund is running out of money

Mark Rix
What is the meaning and what is the use of 'metadata retention'?

Doctor's visit op-ed
Professor Simon Eckermann
Over- and under-servicing: reasons to scrap the GP co-payment

Professor Gregory Rose
Civilian deaths in Gaza conflict are not automatically a war crime

Costa Concordia
Professor Clive Schofield
Another Titanic change is needed to save more lives at sea

Elizabeth Eastland op ed
Elizabeth Eastland
The stage is set for start-ups to stand up

Court House
Dr Julia Quilter
Not for punishment: we need to understand bail, not review it

Timor Leste 2
Dr Keith Horton 
Why not cut aid? Let us count the ethical reasons, just for a start

Tony Abbott_thumb
Garry Bowditch
Beggar bowl politics blocks Federation's potential

Sydney Traffic small
Garry Bowditch
The budget will be big on infrastructure, but we need more than just roads

race hate laws opinion piece
Professor Luke McNamara
Explainer: how do Australia’s laws on hate speech work in practice?
Child reading book

Associate Professor Brian Cambourne
The seven messages of highly effective reading teachers

aboriginal flag_2
Professor Ian Ring
Funding system for Indigenous health in dire need of reform

Woman in supermarket
Professor Sandra Jones
Fat free and 100% natural: seven food labelling tricks exposed

Dr Kerrylee Rogers
How wetlands can help us adapt to rising seas

Freight train
Associate Professor Philip Laird
Too many loads on our roads when rail is the answer

Professor Leigh Dale
Book review: Fukushima

Boys men violence
Dr Michael Flood
Boys, Men and violence

Police car
Professor Stuart Thomas
Training police to better respond to people with mental illness

Professor Geoffrey Spinks Artificial muscles from fishing line
Professor Geoffrey Spinks
Fishing for artificial muscles nets a very simple solution

Port Kembla stack demolition_2
Professor Gordon Wallace
Electromaterials live on in the Illawarra

Pope Francis
Dr Marcus O'Donnell
A cool change, but what has Pope Francis actually achieved? 

Julie Bishop
Professor Gregory Rose
Why Julie Bishop is wise not to judge Israeli settlements illegal 

students studying 187
Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Wellings
The Australian test - uncapped student numbers 

Associate Professor Nicolas Gill
Bushfires: rural residents are the solution, not the problem 

Professor Richard Roberts and Thomas Sutikna
Professor Richard Roberts and Thomas Sutikna
A decade on and the Hobbit still holds secrets
Bra app oped
By Deirdre McGhee
The story of ... the bra

Harleys oped
Professor Luke McNamara
Careful who you chat with: it could turn you into a criminal

Bullying oped
Dr Bronwyn Carlson
Well-connected Indigenous kids keen to tap new ways to save lives

training tomorrow’s social scientists to shape the world we live in
Associate Professor Philip Laird
Australia’s transport is falling behind on energy efficiency

Dr Lisa Thomas
'Sense of belonging' enhances the online learning experience

OZ op-ed img
Michael Organ and Rebecca Daly
OZ Magazine goes digital - and the party continues

UOW researchers to develop next generation condom
Professor Chris Gibson
Forget KPIs: Let's talk about research

Climate Change
Professor Sharon Beder
We need to talk about how we talk about climate change

Child playing with lego
Dr Irina Verenikina
‘Digital play’ is here to stay … but don’t let go of real Lego yet

Disability support
Shawn Burns
Ramp Up’s shut-down robs us of a needed voice on disability issues

Paul Wellings
Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Wellings
Let’s celebrate what universities can now do

Associate Professor Karen Charlton
Life below the poverty line: lessons from eating on $2 a day

Professor Sharon Beder
Carbon offsets can do more environmental harm than good

Man reading newspaper
Shawn Burns
The news we lose when we cut local newspapers 

Great White Sharks Have Rights
Dr Leah Gibbs
WA shark cull season ends, and many don't want it to return

Country Women's Association Hostel in Bowen
Dr Sharon Crozier-De Rosa
Perhaps tea and scones are OK: the CWA and feminism today

Ocean Rubbish
Professor Alistair McIlgorm
Whose job is it to clear up all the rubbish floating in the oceans?

Woman with gay pride flag
Dr Marcus O'Donnell
Online and onwards: it gets better for gay and lesbian media

Plane sunset
Professor Sam Bateman
The Ultra Syndrome: did it hamper the search for MH370?

Army robot
Mr Garry Bowditch
How to attract foreign firms to do Australian infrastructure

Army robot
Professor Stuart Kaye
The law of the sea and commercial vessels in the search for MH370

Child smiling
Professor Brian Martin
Government goals and policy get in the way of our happiness

Army robot
Associate Professor Katina Michael
War robots and the 2014 World Cup – defenders off the field

Port Kembla Steelworks
Professor Chris Gibson
The story of steel maps the job future for car workers

Pete Seeger
Dr Anthony Ashbolt
Pete Seeger: a life of song, and the power of ‘we’

Researcher with petri dish
Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Wellings
The path to greater research

Man looking at construction site
Mr Garry Bowditch
Why it’s the last chance for Infrastructure Australia

Professor David Officer and Professor Gordon Wallace
Graphene can pave the way for Australian manufacturing


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