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 July 2014
Mon, 28 Jul Local schools take up science and engineering challenge
Mon, 28 Jul Training tomorrow’s social scientists to shape the world we live in
Mon, 28 Jul Starvation in the midst of plenty... Illawarra leading the way in addressing malnutrition in the elderly
Fri, 25 Jul Four high achievers honoured at UOW graduations
Thu, 24 Jul Research stars awarded $5million for projects of critical importance to Australia
Wed, 23 Jul Caps off: UOW celebrates another 1200 graduates
Wed, 23 Jul Exploring opportunities for positive change
Tue, 22 Jul Mid year UOW graduation ceremonies set to begin
Mon, 21 Jul Brain training app helps you quit smoking and resist junk food
Thu, 17 Jul Controlled drinking program helps Illawarra residents stay dry after July
Wed, 16 Jul Iconic 1960s OZ magazine now available online
Mon, 14 Jul Helping professional athletes kick academic goals
Fri, 11 Jul Engineering a future for rural and Indigenous students
Wed, 09 Jul Young leaders travel to Glasgow for youth leadership conference
Tue, 08 Jul Asian children bombarded with junk food ads on TV every four minutes
Tue, 08 Jul Cancer stigma project recognized as an internet innovator
Tue, 08 Jul Linkage grant major boost to high-speed rail push
Mon, 07 Jul From cool physics to chemistry creations: Teenagers get hands-on with science at school holiday experience
Fri, 04 Jul International experts set sights on cyber threats at UOW conference
Thu, 03 Jul Study reveals Illawarra residents are more anxious and obese than national average
Thu, 03 Jul Enactus UOW test their entrepreneurial skills at national conference
Thu, 03 Jul UOW expertise part of NASA satellite mission to watch the planet breathe
Tue, 01 Jul Harvard teaching hospital and UOW to offer Global Indigenous Trauma Recovery Program
Tue, 01 Jul Intake doubles for primary school gifted and talented program
 June 2014
Mon, 30 Jun Leading medico takes the reins as Dean of Medicine at UOW
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