UOW student in TV Band Competition

Feb 13, 2004

Long time UOW student and staff member Michael Caruana is part of the local rock band "Side Effect X" who are one of eight finalists competing in the Coca-Cola Live 'n Local national band competition.

The competition is being broadcast on Channel Ten's Video Hits program over the weekends in February. Viewers from across Australia will be SMS voting for their favourite bands.

"It's a real thrill to be representing Wollongong at a national level."

Michael has previously competed in the university band competition with different bands and is a highly involved member of Wollongong's music community. He is also a member of the WMRT (Wollongong Music Round Table), which is an open community project currently attempting to promote the exciting live music scene in Wollongong.

The eventual winners of the Live 'n Local band competition are to join the Live 'n Local national touring festival, with major concerts in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and in Wollongong at the WIN Entertainment Centre. Headlining bands are Machine Gun Fellatio, Magic Dirt, Jebediah, Betchadupa and 28 Days.

"I believe that a tour of this magnitude reaching our town (instead of other capital cities) is a sure sign that there is plenty of quality live music being produced and enjoyed here in Wollongong right now."

Side Effect X will be releasing their debut album in March, titled "Life".



Side Effect X bassplayer, Michael Caruana

Side Effect X performing for "Live 'n Local" in Melbourne

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