Printmaker Franck Gohier lends a Red Hand to UOW

Jul 26, 2004

Franck Gohier, of Red Hand Prints Studio, has a strong connection with Australia's Indigenous community, an undeniable creative talent and a passion and drive for art that would inspire anyone.

He has recently arrived in Wollongong, ready to donate his skills, life experiences and a sample of works to UOW's Art Collection. Gohier has been undertaking a residency at UOW's Faculty of Creative Arts, which included a workshop with five Indigenous artists from the Illawarra. This residency co-incides with his Red Hand exhibition in Wollongong, where a large range of politically and socially driven studio posters are on display that celebrate the cultural and colourful community of Darwin.

The posters are inspired by many of the social, environmental and political issues faced by people living in the 'Top End.' The exhibition also includes a number of Indigenous prints from the UOW Art Collection and a selection of Gohier's own prints.

The master printmaker graduated from Northern Territory University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. He was then appointed at the then NTU Fine Arts Faculty (now Charles Darwin University) as a part-time print making lecturer and printmaking technician where he gradually and firmly established aboriginal printmaking workshops with Leon Stainer and George Watts.

"During these first three years or so it was a challenging, new and exciting period of time where we explored many different issues of print-ethics, techniques and mediums to facilitate the collaborative process of printmaking/editioning with Aboriginal artists," Franck said.

He went on to create further successful collaborations and art programs, and in 1997 established Red Hand Prints with Shaun Poustie.

"It was established as an open access studio that offered expert tuition for the community and a professional editioning program to numerous Aboriginal communities throughout the Kimberley's, the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land and Central Australia", he said.

Franck says that Aboriginal culture informs a lot of his work with the colours he uses or the stories he chooses to make the artwork about. And he says that, while it is a career, it is also his life - "it's something I have always done.. something that I need to do," he says.

The Red Hand exhibition is on display at the Faculty of Creative Arts (Bldg 25) in the Long Gallery. It will run until Friday August 6.

For further information contact: Curator, UOW Art Collection: Glen Barkley - 4221 5552




Franck Gohier, of Red Hand Prints Studio.

A passion for art: Franck Gohier with Indigenous Illawarra artists Debbie Callaghan and Bonny Brennan.

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