Bernie Goldie

UOW plays host to green energy forum

UOW’s Innovation Campus this week played host to participants involved in the 2nd International Forum on Green Energy and Electronic Materials which covered topics ranging from electric vehicles to nano-materials for energy and electronics.

The development and research of advanced materials is playing a critical role in the future of technology across the globe.

With increasing demand in alternative and green energy technology, sustainable electric transportation, improved electronics and power transmission capabilities it is green energy and electronic materials that will be the key elements in forthcoming innovations in these fields.

This week’s forum brought together Australian and international experts as well as industry partners and end-users working in these challenging research fields.

The Director of the Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials, Professor Shixue Dou, said the main goal of the forum was to promote national and international co-operation and partnership between academics and industry leaders in energy and electronic materials and applications.

Among the key delegates attending the forum were the President of Hyper Tech Research Inc from the US, Mr Mike Tomsic; Dr Yao Chen (CEO) and Dr Xue Feng Gao (CTO) from DLG Battery Ltd in China; the CTO of Hypres Ltd, Professor Oleg Mukhanov; the CEO of Columbus Superconductors , Italy, Professor Giovanni Grasso; Mr Michal Paay from Redarc Electronics Ltd; the Tech Manager of Galaxy Resources Ltd, Dr Yatendra Sharma; the President of Cens Energy Tech Co in China, Professor Gechen Li; the CEO of Auto CRC, Dr Mike Cuthbertson; and Professor Hideo Hosono from Japan who discovered iron based layered superconductors.

UOW Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Judy Raper, presented the opening remarks to the two-day international forum.


  • Taking part in the green energy and electronic materials forum are (from left) Professor Shixue Dou, Dr Rita Chen, Mr Mike Tomsic, Professor Oleg Mukhanov, Professor Judy Raper, Adjunct Professor Richard Taylor and Dr Xuefeng Gao

  • Professor Shixue Dou and Professor Judy Raper (front left) with the forum’s invited speakers

  • A group shot of the forum participants