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Beach safety program for international students

‘Dr Rip’ shows how to spot surf hazards. 

Dozens of international students got a different kind of education last week when they swapped lecture halls for the beach.

Almost 40 students participated in a surf education program with ‘Dr Rip’ to promote safe visits to the region’s coastal areas.

Coastal geomorphologist, Associate Professor Dr Rob Brander, otherwise known as Dr Rip, ran the fun visual program.

UOW Student Life Programs Marketing and Communications Coordinator Eloise Saddi said she was thrilled with response from students.

“Our international students want to swim at local beaches and they want to know how to enjoy it safely. Dr Brander will provide effective visual educational tools based on his research,” Ms Saddi said.

Dr Brander has studied beaches and surf science since 1986 and is passionate about surf safety, gaining the moniker ‘Dr Rip’ from lifeguards for using purple dye in rip currents to illustrate their location and form.

He completed a BSc and MSc at the University of Toronto and has published several scientific articles based on research on rip currents, coral reef-islands, and the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

He said most drownings were due to rips, with nine per cent of Australia’s 25,000 surf rescues each year being rip-related.

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