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‘Brekkie Bar’ promotes healthy eating, recognises food security issues

UOW secures sponsorship for a truckload of yoghurt each month and two palettes of cereal for the year

Kick your day off with a bang by taking advantage of the ‘Brekkie Bar’, a program providing free healthy food to students.

The fortnightly event will be held from 8am to 10am outside the library, with a selection of cereal and yoghurt available.

Nine sessions are planned, with a total of 18 for the remainder of the year. The next session will be 10 May.

UOW Student Life & Wellbeing organised the program, securing sponsorship from Chobani Yoghurt and Kelloggs.

UOW Student Life Programs Wellbeing Coordinator Ninan Mathew said the issue of food security was common for university students.

“The Brekkie Bar helps in a small way to ensure we contribute to at least one healthy breakfast for students every fortnight.

“It also gives us a chance to spread the message of eating a healthy breakfast and the importance of doing so. Eating a healthy breakfast is easy and inexpensive so we really want to encourage people to take the time to do it.

“In terms of quantity, Chobani provides a truck load of yoghurt every month and Kelloggs has provided two palettes of cereal for the year.”

Student Life & Wellbeing is funded by the Services and Amenities Fees (SAF) program.

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