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Thousands of students front up for early admission interviews

UOW's successful non-ATAR entry process draws on individual strengths.

More than 4000 hopeful students are descending upon the University of Wollongong (UOW) main campus this week to undergo interviews, as part of the student-centred Early Admission process into undergraduate degrees.

UOW staff will interview 4,301 students for 7,092 courses between Monday 25 and Thursday 28 September. Close to 4,100 prospective students will attend Wollongong main campus over the four days, while the remaining students will attend interviews at Shoalhaven, Southern Sydney and South Western Sydney campuses.

Students living significant distances away including Norfolk Island and the Northern Territory will have the opportunity to do phone interviews.

The Early Admissions program provides an alternative pathway into the University and facilitates early placement for approximately 40 per cent of domestic undergraduate enrolments, on a non-ATAR basis.

The success of the program can be attributed to a focus on assessing students based on their subject strength and interest area to help ensure they are enrolled into the course best suited to them.

Tamworth year 12 student, Emily Woods, has applied for Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commerce at UOW via Early Admission, and says it is a relief to know she doesn’t just have to rely on her ATAR.

“It really takes some of the pressure off the HSC exams, it’s so great to know the Uni is willing to look at other aspects of my academic performance other than just my final mark.

“I’m hoping my year 12 subject marks will be good enough to help me get in through this avenue, but it’s a relief to know if I was to miss the ATAR by a couple of marks, I could still get in,” Emily says.

Business is in Emily’s blood. She says her interest in studying the degree stems from seeing her parents running a number of small businesses.

“I generally love business-related stuff, I love working out the itineraries, finances and all the different needs of the business.”

Emily says there were a number of factors which contributed to her placing Wollongong as her first preference.

“I’ve been to the Uni before and I loved it because of the friendly environment, also because I’ve got family down there and it would make it a little bit easier moving away. It’s not too far and not too close to home.

“It’s got a beach, it’s not that far from the town and it’s not a massive city - it’s small enough to remove that pressure of moving,” Emily said.

In line with recent changes recommended by the Higher Education Standards Panel (HESP), UOW is presenting clear and simple information to prospective students about admissions pathways and processes, including ATARs.

The University welcomes the recommendations for the way admissions pathways and process are presented and supports any initiatives that will help students make more informed choices, leading to improved retention and completion rates.

Students will receive their UOW Early Admission offers via the UAC website on 16 November, 2017.

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