Mexico seeks to become ‘country of refuge’ as US cracks down on migrants

Mexico has been doing the US's 'dirty work’ on immigration for too long, says the front-runner in the country’s July 1 presidential election. Mexico is often considered a transit country for migrants. It’s the territory Central Americans must cross to get to the United ...

Politics and Society
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Patriarchs on pedestals? How doctors are taught to improve their bedside manner

Student doctors need good role models to learn good patient communication.  Up until around 30 years ago, in the days of paper patient files, doctors were on pedestals and patients generally did as they were told, in a more patriarchal model of patient care. Over 2,400 years a...

Health and Medicine
Tagged: Medicine, Health, Post-graduate, Education

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Aboriginal art: is it a white thing?

“Aboriginal Art – it’s a white thing” declared Brisbane Aboriginal artist Richard Bell, accusing a white industry of controlling Aboriginal art. However, the deeper you dig into this white thing the greyer it becomes. (Pictured above: Artist Nyap...

Arts and Culture
Tagged: Arts, Research

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Australia’s deal with Timor-Leste in peril again over oil and gas

Rebecca Strating, La Trobe University and Clive Schofield,

Tagged: Research

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How a trip to Antarctica became a real-life experiment in decision-making

The real-life lessons learnt on Homeward Bound, a strategic leadership initiative for women in science.  We were part of a group of 77 women travelling by ship to an Antarctic research station when our route was blocked by icebergs. We had to make a decision. Should we detour...

Science and Technology
Tagged: Climate change, Science, Women in Science

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