The problem isn’t dockless share bikes. It’s the lack of bike parking

If cyclist-friendly cities like Copenhagen can offer abundant and conveniently sited parking space for bikes, why not Australian cities?It’s a local government truism that Australian city dwellers care about only three things – rates, rubbish and parking. They want lower rates...

Politics and Society
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Antarctica’s ‘moss forests’ are drying and dying

East Antarctica has so far experienced little or no warming, but that doesn't mean it's escaped the impact of climate change.The lush moss beds that grow near East Antarctica’s coast are among the only plants that can withstand life on the frozen continent. But our new research s...

Science and Technology
Tagged: Biology, Climate change, Research, Science

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Gender inequalities in science won’t self-correct: it’s time for action

A group of international female scientists has taken a close look at their profession and discovered the barriers to success.Harassed on fieldtrips. Excluded from projects. On the receiving end of micro-aggressions. A lack of female role models. These are some of our collective ex...

Science and Technology
Tagged: Research, Women in Science

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How to get children to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables

Kids should be eating fruits and vegetables from all colours of the rainbowWorldwide, people are not eating enough fruit and vegetables. In Australia,

Health and Medicine
Tagged: Child development, Health, Women in Science

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With a new prime minister nominated, the Nationals have a rare chance to assert themselves

It is often forgotten that the Liberals cannot govern without the support of the Nationals, and this has been the case for almost 100 years. Gregory Melleuish,

Politics and Society
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