Health check: will eating nuts make you gain weight?

Nuts are high in calories and fat, but people who regularly eat nuts tend to gain less weight over time than people who don’t.The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend we eat 30g of nuts

Health and Medicine
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Killed in the line of work duties: we need to fix dangerous loopholes in health and safety laws

The death last year of Dillon Wu, 20, raises questions about responsibility in workplaces where traditional definitions of employment and employer obligations have been unwound.Dillon Wu died alone inside a metal tank. It is believed he was asphyxiated by argon gas,...

Politics and Society
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López Obrador clashes with courts after vowing 'poverty' for Mexican government

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to cut salaries for all government workers in Mexico, including himself. It’s rare for presidents to advocate for poverty, but that’s just what

Politics and Society
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Melting Himalayan glaciers: a big drop in a bucket that's already full

The loss of glaciers will have a huge impact on the rivers that flow down the Himalayas, and the people who depend on themA new report has warned that even if global warming is held at 1.5℃, we will sti...

Environment and Energy
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Why slow TV deserves our (divided) attention

SBS’s suite of slow TV programs, “Slow Summer”, arrived at a fortuitous time in our annual media trajectory, when we were briefly relieved of the busyness plaguing our lives.On the back of last ...

Arts and Culture
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