Mid-year graduations at University of Wollongong

Jul 30, 2003

Six graduation ceremonies over a three-day period will be held at the University of Wollongong on 30 July, 31 July and 1 August this week.

Over these three days there will be about 1,200 graduates and 4,000 guests attending the campus.

Guest speakers at ceremonies:

Ceremony 1 (Associate Professor Gregory Doherty);

Ceremony 2 (Mr Colin Markham);

Ceremony 3 (Mr Peter Carroll);

Ceremony 4 (Dr Rod McMahon);

Ceremony 5 (Ms Elaine Henry); ceremony 6 (Ms Noel Waite).

Special awards:

Associate Professor Doherty and Mr Colin Markham will be made Fellows of the University;

Mr Peter Carroll will receive a Honorary Doctor of Creative Arts; and Professor Sharon Bell will receive an Emeritus Professorship.

Some photo/filming opportunities

Over the course of the three days there will be a range of photo/filming opportunities. Some examples are:

* Well known theatre, film and television actor Peter Carroll will receive an Honorary Doctor of Creative Arts and also present the Occasional Address at the Thursday morning ceremony. [The Media Unit holds a copy of Mr Carroll's address which makes for entertaining reading]. He is the recipient of numerous awards including Penguin and Variety Awards, the Mo Award, Sydney Theatre Critics' Circle Award for Significant Contribution to Sydney Theatre, and two Victorian Green Room Awards for Best Actor

* The Formula SAE racing team manager behind UOW's recent big victory in the USA, Justin Ulland, is graduating on Wednesday afternoon with a very special double degree combination of Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts. He will be giving a vote of thanks speech at the ceremony as he has been a great role model for other students. His parents, grandmother and fiancée will all be at the ceremony

* Nancy Huggett is originally a Study Abroad student from Exeter in the UK who has done her PhD on an oral history of cinema-going in the Illawarra. She is graduating on Thursday morning. Her supervisor, Dr Kate Bowles, just happens to hold her PhD from Exeter. Nancy researched her thesis by interviewing local seniors about their memories of going to the movies in the Illawarra during the first half of the 20th century - not just the picture palaces but also the smaller cinemas in the northern suburbs and the Whiteway at Port Kembla. The University is still keen to hear from people about their cinema experiences as the lost cinemas of the Illawarra are a very fragile cultural heritage

* TV newsreader, Kerryn Johnston, will receive a Master of Journalism degree on Thursday morning. Part of her Master's project was to get feature stories published in the Fairfax media on the comic strip character, Ginger Meggs

* Helen Christie is a mature aged Arts Faculty Dean's Scholar who is graduating on Thursday morning. She has managed to do her degree while being the carer for her husband who has Multiple Sclerosis and she travels from the Moss Vale area

* Ms Kirti Deshmukh received a $500 prize from the Department of Health and Ageing for her student project which contributed to the national information strategy for aged care. She is graduating on Wednesday morning with a Master of Information and Communication Technology.

* Scott Dobbs started off his PhD studies in Finance with three children and managed to finish his PhD despite three more children coming along during the course of his studies. He said the going could only be described as "tough". He is graduating on Friday afternoon

* The new Head of the Shoalhaven Campus, Ms Robbie Collins, is graduating with a Master of Business Administration with Distinction on Friday afternoonTimes of ceremonies: The morning ceremonies will start at 9.45am and the afternoon ceremonies will start at 2.30pm. A Media Unit representative will be at each of the ceremonies to provide any assistance.

Venue: University Hall, University of Wollongong (in the UniCentre complex)

Media enquiries to Bernie Goldie on 4221 5942 or Leanne Crouch on 4221 3110 in the UOW Media Unit.

For more information, contact:

University of Wollongong
Ph: (02) 4221 5942; fax (02) 4221 3128


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