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Media release: 5 July 2013


One of the world’s top human geographers, Professor Noel Castree, is joining the University of Wollongong’s new Faculty of Social Sciences.

Professor Castree is currently a Professor of Geography at the University of Manchester. His primary research interest is the political economy of environmental change. He is editor of the influential books Remaking Reality (1998) and Social Nature (2001), author of Nature (2005), and the Managing Editor of the leading journal Progress in Human Geography (Sage publications).

Commenting on his appointment, Professor Castree said: "The challenges posed by future environmental change will be as extraordinary as the opportunities they afford. Essential though the biophysical sciences are, the insights of the social sciences will also be indispensable to making the best of life in the Anthropocene - so too those of the humanities.

“In AUSCCER (the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research) and further afield the University has a deep pool of talent dedicated to understanding human-environment relations. Add-in the Global Challenges initiative and the creation of Geography and Sustainable Communities and the attractions of Wollongong are obvious".

"As a geographer I'm committed to the idea - in both research and teaching - that human understanding suffers if knowledge is balkanised. The most important issues deserve to be understood from several angles, not one or two. Through my past interactions with geographers at the University I know I'm not alone in this conviction."

UOW Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Wellings, CBE, said he was delighted to have Professor Castree join the University.

“Professor Castree is a leading world scholar in his field. I am delighted that he will join our new Faculty of Social Sciences as we continue to grow our reputation and strengths in human geography and the broader social sciences,” Professor Wellings said.

AUSCCER Director Professor Lesley Head welcomed Professor Castree’s acceptance of the role.

“Professor Castree’s appointment is significant and exciting. He will bring exceptional experience and insights to UOW. Noel has also been a collegial mentor in his many areas of professional service. He will help us grow into a new School of Geography and Sustainable Communities.” Professor Head said.

The Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research at UOW is a research and teaching group focusing on cultural and social aspects of environmental issues. The Centre was established in 2009 and is the first of its kind in Australia.

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