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UOW student completes first-ever unit at Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

Kristopher Christou gains deeper understanding of entrepreneurial mindset. 

A cohort of 40 budding entrepreneurs from across New South Wales form the very first group to complete The Navigator unit at Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) with University of Wollongong student Kristopher Christou forming part of this group.

The pilot unit saw students from across the state take part in online and face-to-face study, where students gained a deepened understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. Kristopher Christou was the sole UOW student representative.

Mapping the entrepreneurial ecosystem through the Massive Ecosystem Scavenger Hunt (MESH) enabled students to understand the Sydney startup community through experiential learning, an innovative approach used at SSE.

“This first cohort has attracted students from all 12 of our member higher education institutions and it’s been inspirational to see such diverse and talented students from right across the state," SSE CEO Nick Kaye said.

“Our students represent a variety of disciplines including medicine, botany, engineering, design, law and technology to name a few. With a thirst to learn and support one another, they have been a true reflection of SSE and our value in cross-disciplinary learning."

When fully operational, at least 1,000 students each year will participate in SSE courses and activities during their degree or TAFE program, with many more taking part in a program of co-curricular activities including workshops, hackathons, educational boot camps and networking events.

About Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) is an unprecedented partnership between all 11 NSW universities and TAFE NSW.  SSE brings together highly motivated students from a range of backgrounds, disciplines and locations from across NSW to collaborate and innovate. SSE is not-for-profit and was established with cornerstone investment by the NSW Government.  

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