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Undergraduate student elections declared

University enforces regulations following student election appeals.

The University of Wollongong (UOW) has today declared the outcome of the 2018 Wollongong Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) elections and taken decisive action to enforce the WUSA Electoral Regulations following a formal appeals process.

Online elections were conducted for 2018 WUSA positions in September and October, with the results initially advised confidentially to candidates only in accordance with Electoral Regulations, which provide for a five-day appeals process.

Appeals lodged by candidates in the dominant Save our Union and Revolution groups were heard by a formal WUSA Appeals Panel chaired by UOW Director of Academic Quality and Standards. After considering evidence and interviewing students named in the appeals, the Appeals Panel found that:

  • the Presidential candidate from the Save our Union Group, who had initially been declared elected as WUSA President for 2018, pending the five day Appeals period, had contravened the Election Code of Conduct by campaigning in classrooms before and during the election period and after being warned by the Returning Officer not to do so; and
  • the Presidential candidate from the Revolution Group and a candidate from the Save Our Union Group had engaged in conduct which could prejudice the election by seeking to subvert the succession of elected candidates to the 2018 WUSA Council.

Consequently, the presidential candidate for the Save Our Union Group has been duly declared not elected and the presidential candidate from the Revolution Group has been disqualified from the election.

As a result of the WUSA Appeals Panel determination, the third candidate for WUSA President, Independent candidate, Timothy Piert, has been declared duly elected.

Aside from the position of President, the University has today confirmed that the remaining candidates elected during the WUSA online elections are duly elected.

UOW Acting Chief Administrative Officer, Theresa Hoynes, described the circumstances following these latest elections as unfortunate but necessary.

“It’s unfortunate to see circumstances where candidates’ own conduct disqualifies them from taking up the positions for which they would have otherwise been elected, but the University is committed to upholding the WUSA Electoral Regulations and protecting the integrity of the student election process.

“I offer my congratulations to the incoming President and WUSA council members who have been duly elected,” Ms Hoynes said.

The newly elected WUSA Council takes effect from 1 December 2017.

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