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Artists celebrate colour and creativity on campus for Live Art Week

Annual event turns University of Wollongong into interactive masterpiece.

The University of Wollongong (UOW) will become a living, breathing canvas on Tuesday (14 August) when the fifth annual Live Art Week begins.

Local artists will bring their colour and creativity to the Wollongong campus, transforming everyday landscapes into interactive masterpieces.

It is a chance for students and staff to engage with the artistic process and watch how a work of art is created from start to finish.

There will be chalk murals, street art, painting and sculptures, created by students and local artists.

Bailey Bond, organiser of Live Art Week, said the annual event is designed to encourage people to look at the campus in a different way.

“Students walk around campus staring at their phones or rushing to classes. We want them to take some time to engage with creative activities and appreciate our beautiful campus.”

Some of Wollongong’s most renowned artists will be on campus to create new works. Trina Collins, known as Poncho Army, will return to paint another magical bird mural, after creating the captivating design that now lives on the side of a shipping container on campus.

Saltwater Dreamtime, artist Zachary Bennett-Brook, is an Indigenous artist from Wollongong who will bring his love of the ocean to his work. His artwork represents his culture and his passions.

Wollongong artist and UOW alumni Jedd Downes and Sydney-based Joel Moore will both be creating new works on campus.

The UniLife Envirowarriors will be combining their love of sustainability with their creativity when they build sculptures from used coffee cups.

There will also be workshops running throughout the week, for those who want to explore their own creativity.

Wine and Watercolour, at Uni Bar, is a chance to put their painting skills to the test while enjoying a glass of wine; students can design and paint their own UV glow tote bags in the Glow Zone; or they can decorate a playful friend with the Paint a Gnome workshop.

At night, the campus will be transformed as the work of creative arts students is projected onto the trees and buildings of UOW, in a captivating display of light and colour.

Creative arts students, from first years to third years, will be able to see their work displayed on the side of the buildings surrounding the Uni Bar and UOW Library.

UOW Live Art Week will run from Tuesday 14 August to Friday 17 August.

Live Art Week New Collage


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